Monday, March 12, 2012

SodaStream Review

Last week I received a SodaStream machine and flavorings for review.  I was so excited to try it and so were my kids and my teenage sisters.  The Soda flavors I received were Root Beer, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Diet Lemon-Lime, Cola Free, Cranberry Raspberry, Black Currant & Pear, Ginger Ale, and Green Tea Pomegranite Peach. I also received three bottles of water flavors. (Orange, Lemon-Lime, and Raspberry)

We first tried the Diet Lemon-Lime.....It's tasted just like Sprite!  My sisters and I were in love at first taste!  lol.  The first bottle went quickly.  The Root Beer was next.  My dad and I tested this one. I didn't tell my dad about the SodaStream I just poured it in a glass.  After a few sips he asks me, "is this Mug"?  I had to tell him the secret....He was in  shock that this machine could make soda as good as "mug"! 

I have tried most of the soda flavors through the week and so far my favorite is the Cranberry Raspberry.  I'm a fruity kinda girl! 

As for the water flavors - I am the only one in my family that tried them.  My favorite water flavor was the orange.  Nothing like a citrus flavored water during the hot summer month that will be here soon enough! You can use the water flavors either in a non-carbonated water or carbonated water.  The best of BOTH worlds!

I love the idea of the SodaStream because instead of having to carry 3 cases of soda or several 6 packs or sever liter bottles when you go shopping you can carry one/two smaller botttles of flavoring!  The machine is super easy to use and is even "Supervised" kid friendly.  I let my 7 year old son make soda while I supervise and he thinks it's just amazing!  He couldn't wait to show a few of his friends this cool new gadget we had in the kitchen! 

I would definitely recommend SodaStream to any soda drinker or anyone who likes either carbonated or non-carbonated flavored water! 

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