Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PottyCover Review/Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!

And the WINNER is......Melissa Pezza!  Congrats Melissa!  Please email me at mariescentsablesavings@aol.com.
 I came across PottyCover on the internet and contacted them to see if I could do a review/giveaway with them.  I want to say I was super impressed with the response time!  I had the PottyCover in my mailbox in 3 business days! 

Being a mom of two boys and a former daycare provider I am always worried about germs on toilet seats.  I am one of those people who WILL NOT go into a portapotty unless I'm about to pee my pants...lol 

As we all know the little ones like to touch all over the toilet, especially to help balance themselves so they don't fall into that big hole. Well...the PottyCover is the best invention to solve this problem!  Before your little one goes to use the bathroom you grab one of the individually wrapped  PottyCovers and simply place it on the toilet seat with the flap in front of it.  The PottyCovers non-woven fabric is a barrier between the germy toilet seat and your child's bottom and those little hands that like to hold on to the side of the lid for balance.  The front flap keeps your childs legs and/or clothes from touching the front of the toilet. 

So me being the germaphobe that I am...I not only tried these with my youngest son...I also used one in a public bathroom.  The PottyCover stayed in place just like the package advertised.  My son thought it was a neat "new" addition to the bathroom routine.  I was at ease while he used the bathroom since I knew the PottyCover was protecting him!

I would suggest thse to any one with kids - teacher, daycare provider, parents etc. 

This giveaway will be "live" from 12:01am EST 3/14 to 11:59pm EST 3/17 .

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