Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons Review/Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED

Michelle Dorthy Waters-Ashby you are the WINNER!!!  Please email me your address to mariescentsablesavings@aol.com!

This is a review of Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons.  I came across these online and as a mother of a 7 year old boy and working with kids I felt that I had just the right audience to review these with!

Max and Julia's Mission:
Max & Julia's isn't so much a "business" - it's a mission. It's a mission for fun. It's a mission for two kids (and two adults accompanying them) to get to Disney World.

The first step in this mission is to make and sell crafts to fund the fun.

My 7 year old son was so excited when we opened the package that included 3 packs of 4 Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons, he literally ran to get a coloring book to try them out! 

My son is a HUGE fan of coloring and colors at least one page a day...if not more.  After he got his coloring book and sat down he said to me, "Mom, these are the coolest crayons ever!"  After a few strokes of  coloring I saw him take the crayons and start playing with them as they were matchbox cars...lol.  After a little bit more of "racing" the cars he went back to his coloring.  Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons are a great size for those little hands, kind of like the fatter crayola crayons that they like to use with the younger kids.  These crayons are perfect for a child who is not looking for the perfection of staying in the lines all the time.   That is the only complaint that my son had about Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons is that it's hard to stay in the lines with them as they are bigger than a smaller sized crayon.  With that said, i say these crayons are good for independent coloring/drawing and for those who don't have the need to do perfect inside the lines coloring.  I would definitely recommend Max and Julia's Race Car Crayons as they would make a great present for any little one. 
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